Best Places in Europe for New Year’s Eve

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    As human beings, we have celebrated New Year’s Eve for as long as anyone can remember. It is often accompanied by a family or other larger celebration. Not only is this event largely celebrated in our homes with the countdown on TV or on the radio, but it is also celebrated town, city, state, and countrywide. From Los Angeles, California to Times Square in New York, welcoming the New Year in the United States is a big deal for which people make big plans and attend large parties with the people we love.

    However, if you have found yourself in places all over America celebrating New Year’s Eve, you may be looking for a way to shake things up. So, how can one shake up their typical New Years Eve festivities? Simply by traveling out of your country of course. There are many European cities that host some pretty epic New Years Eve traditions. Below we have included some of the best cities in Europe for New Years.

    1. Budapest

    If you plan on paying Budapest a visit during New Year’s Eve, we can promise you one thing; you will not be bored. There are plenty of activities that take place here in celebration of the New Year such as upscale ballroom events and local house parties. Additionally, you can plan on viewing some spectacular fireworks going off at Midnight. As Hungarians, they are well trained in partying. In fact, they find a way to eat, drink, and be merry as much as possible. Therefore, you know you are in for a good time should your visit Budapest for New Years.

    1. Krakow

    New Year’s Eve in Krakow is a blowout. For months in advance Polish citizens book their choice of venues and plan elaborate New Years celebrations for their friends and families. The lovely central square of Krakow along with the surrounding streets support swarms of partygoers, all adding up to one of Europe’s biggest open-air parties. Supported by a laser light show at midnight, it is quite the spectacle.

    1. Lisbon

    If you decide to spend New Year’s Eve in Lisbon, you will not be sorry for Portuguese people are some of the most friendly and personable people in the world. Their welcoming arms along with their delectable cuisine provide a fun way to kick off your New Year’s celebrations. Party with the locals at places like Terreiro do Paco followed by midnight fireworks at the center of a modern city setting.

    1. Prague

    Should you decide to visit Prague over the New Years, some of the best spots to check out are Petrin Hill, Letna Park, Riegrovy Sady Park, and Vitkov Hill. These locations offer some of the best views in the area. New Year’s Eve gained popularity in Prague only when the Gregorian calendar stabilized Christianity and New Years alike. Here people attend church and thank God for the past and present.

    1. Zagreb

    In Zagreb, you will find they refer to New Years as “najluda noc” which means the craziest night. Here New Years is celebrated practically everywhere both in and outside. Food, drinks, and dancing are a large part of these celebrations as is customary in most areas. One difference here is the ceremonial goulash that is served between 4 and 5 am. Make sure you give it a go should you decide to visit.

    1. Belgrade

    Belgrade is a great destination for New Year’s Eve. The only challenge you will have is deciding which venue to attend. No matter what, your trip to Belgrade will be unforgettable. With the free Belgrade at Night clubbing service you can be directed toward the party that most suits you. Parties here begin at 10 pm and go on until 3 and 4 am.

    1. Sarajevo

    The city’s New Year’s Eve celebration is officially organized by the City Administration of the city of Sarajevo. The celebration here is quite large and features countless concerts and parties, citywide. For those who enjoy rock and roll, there are many “underground” clubs to visit. From blues to rock and roll, Sarajevo is a great New Year’s destination for music lovers.

    1. Bratislava

    Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the open air in Bratislava. With both fireworks and an open-air dance party, Bratislava certainly knows how to liven things up. The main celebrations takes place at the Square of L. Stur and Hviezdoslav’s Square. With a special countdown clock in place, it is like Times Square across the ocean!

    1. Madrid

    From street parties to galas galore, there is much to do in Madrid for New Year’s Eve. There is a lot of tradition involved in the New Year’s celebration in Madrid, much like in the United States. Every New Year’s Eve tens of thousands of visitors fill up Puerta Del Sol where they await midnight striking on the clock located atop the Casa de Correos building. At midnight the Madrid tradition of eating grapes begin! A truly unique experience to say the least.

    1. Venice

    First and foremost, this is one of the more romantic cities in the entire world. Bundle yourself up and get comfy on a gondola where you can view one amazing fireworks display. With eerie yet beautiful fog floating atop the canals and a countdown from the Basilica tower, a visit to Venice on New Year’s Eve is a guaranteed good time.

    Choosing your New Year’s Destination on a Budget

    If you and your family are looking for a place outside of your home country to celebrate New Year’s, this list provides budget-friendly options that are unlikely to disappoint. For more information on countries to visit during New Years, visit us here. With Tripedia you can search practically any city, state, or country to find the destination that best suits you and your New Year’s needs.


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