Shore Excursions in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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    Tourism in Nicaragua is on the up.

    Every year, more and more people are visiting this beautiful country. Nicaragua has stepped out of the Cold War shadow and is fast becoming the hottest destinations in Latin America.

    It’s not hard to see why; Nicaragua is blessed with amazing natural landscapes. There are pristine beaches, huge lakes, and stunning volcanoes (both active and dormant). There is also an abundance of flora & fauna, wildlife, and culture.

    Another selling point is its relative lack of development. Events in recent history have meant that Nicaragua has not been Westernised in the way that Costa Rica, it’s neighbour to the South, has. Instead, Nicaragua has held on to it’s unique charm (and low prices).

    However, things are changing fast. People are beginning to recognise the opportunities that Nicaragua offers, and investments are being made across the country. This is most notable in San Juan del Sur, where a new $3 million cruise port was opened last year.

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