Short break to Dubrovnik

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    Dubrovnik is a magnificent walled Croatian city located in the southern part of the Adriatic coast. This small city is the most popular Mediterranean short break destination. It welcomes thousands of visitors each year who come to enjoy its medieval charms and the Mediterranean sun. What makes Dubrovnik ideal for short breaks, is its small size but with so much to enjoy. The people here are very friendly, and the city is also very clean with no hawkers congesting the city. It’s very accessible and easy to navigate by foot. There is also an extensive public bus network to ensure less hassle exploring the city. Whether you are a history fan, foodie or a cultural nomad this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site has plenty to offer. Here are some of the things you have to do and see while on your short breaks to Dubrovnik.

    Things to see

    Walk on the Walls of Dubrovnik

    You can take a walk along the series of defensive stone walls of Dubrovnik. The walls are only 2 kilometers long and you can walk them easily. The view from the Walls is truly breathtaking. These include the amazing views of the Stradun, the bell tower, the beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and the St. Johns fortress. You can also get a chance to take photos of Lokrum Island.

    Strut along the Stradun

    Another important thing you should never miss while in Dubrovnik is the promenade Stradun. Stradun is the main street in Dubrovnik and it stretches through the Old Town. The best time to take a stroll in the city’s main thoroughfare is in the evening when most locals come out. You can walk up and down the street of Stradun as you explore the architectural treasures of Dubrovnik. There is a lot to enjoy ranging from fountains and statues to stone houses and palaces.

    Visit the Rector’s palace

    To make your short break memorable, visit the Rector’s Palace. The Palace was used by the Rector of the Republic Ragusa (when Dubrovnik was a Republic from 1358-1808). Today, this fascinating Renaissance palace houses a museum, with an art gallery containing beautiful portraits, coins, and coats of arms that evoke the history of Dubrovnik. This palace is mostly used for concerts because of its beautiful acoustics.

    Don’t miss Fort Lovrijenac

    This recognizable fortress is a must visit. It has been used to defend the western part of the city since the 11th century. This impressive 37meter high is a beauty that overlooks the sea. Today it is often used as a theatre, especially during Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The Game of Thrones fans recognizes it as the Red Keep in King’s Landing.

    Take a Cable car to Srd

    There is no better way to enjoy in panoramic view of Dubrovnik than riding with the cable car. The cable car was built in 1969 and on a clear day, you can see up to 60 kilometers. Besides a truly amazing view, you can also have a drink or a snack while enjoying the view. Adult round-trip costs 19€ and it can only be paid by Croatian currency (kuna) or by credit card.

    Be the part of Dubrovnik Summer Festival

    If you are a history buff, then this festival is a must attend. This is the largest and most representative cultural manifestation in the whole of Croatia. It is held from 10 July to 25 August every year. At this event, you will get to enjoy theatre, classical music, and opera and dance presentations.

    Take a short trip to Island Lokrum

    Take a short ferry ride to the Island of Lokrum and get to enjoy the grotesque views on the way. Day trips to this island are very common and popular. Being there is truly a refreshing experience with its pine and olive trees. The trip lasts only 15 minutes and it costs around 5€. While on the Island, check the Botanical Gardens and the ruins of the Benedictine Monastery. During summertime, you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

    How to get to Dubrovnik

    The most practical way to reaching Dubrovnik is by air. Because of the very good frequency of flights it is convenient to visit Dubrovnik during the summer. There are many direct routes from Europe or with a possible stopover. Another option is to get to Dubrovnik is with a cruise ship.

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