Todos Santos, Guatemala

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    Todos Santos, Guatemala

    Todos Santos is a small village hidden high in the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes. Guatemala is a mountainous country with no shortage of dramatic mountain ranges. The Cuchumatanes, however, are in a league of their own; stretching up to 12,500 feet, they are the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America and a sight to behold. The Cuchumatanes rise from skirts of humid jungle that gives way to pine forest as they climb upward; near the top, the trees thin into sweeping grasslands, shrouded in cloud as often as not.

    There, in a steep valley parceled into fields for subsistence farming, is the Mam community of Todos Santos. The men wear traditional traje, or Mayan costume; the most striking feature is their red and white striped trousers. If a man is married, he wears a pair of shorts over his trousers. Married and unmarried men alike also sport hats, traditional shirts, and colorfully embroidered jackets.

    Todos Santos is quiet for most of the year – it is as quaint as it is isolated, a Mayan community that forges on without the money and attention that come from being a tourist attraction. At least once a year, however, Todos Santos plays host to a do-not-miss event. It’s the villages feria, or annual festival, which takes the form of a drunken horse race on the day of the dead.

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