Where to swim in Athens

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    Athens is not only a capital, a large city with important museums and amazing historical sites, elegant shops and vivid nightlife. Although the ancient Athens was not built by the sea, today a big part of the city is located by the sea. The nearest beach is only 15 km from Athens centre. That means you can easily spend a day on a beach, swimming and sunbathing in the crystal waters of the Saronic Gulf, the Euvoic Gulf or the Aegean Sea. Especially if you go 30-40 km from the centre, the sea waters are so clear and blue that you feel like swimming on an island. Here, you can find the best regions to do so.

    In the Saronic Gulf

    Alimos and Faliro

    The beach of Faliro is located at the point, where Athens Riviera begins. Only 15 km from Athens centre, it is the best alternative to sightseeing during a hot day. It is organised, family-friendly, and Faliro is a nice suburb, where after swimming, you can eat in a tavern or drink coffee. The same applies for Alimos, a few km from Faliro. The beaches are organised with sunbeds and water sports facilities, and the impressive thing is that you are so close to Athens and you can go there by tram in less than half an hour!

    Glyfada and Voula

    Glyfada is one of the most popular seaside districts of the capital, and it has also wonderful and cosmopolitan beaches with clear water, sunbeds, water sports facilities and elegant beach bars. You can spend your day in the area because Glyfada is also a perfect spot for shopping, bar-hopping and eating, things you can do after swimming and sunbathing on the beautiful beach. Voula is the suburb near Glyfada, is located at the end station of the tram, and you can find there a nice, organised beach.

    Vouliagmeni and Varkiza

    When you go further to Athens Riviera, 25 km from city centre, two wonderful and organised beaches are among the best choices for swimming in a close distance. Asteras Resort and Plage of Vouliagmeni have clear waters and facilities for water sports, such as ski, surf, kite surf, canoeing and water games. They are family-friendly thanks to their activities and their shallow waters. The entrance fee in Asteras Resort is 30€, but in Plage Vouliagmeni only 5€. You can go there by bus. Varkiza Resort is located next to Vouliagmeni, and it offers a beautiful shore with two beach bars, water sports facilities, taverns and luxury restaurants. The route from Vouliagmeni to Varkiza by bus is just breathtaking.

    Lagonissi, Anavyssos and Saronida

    From this point, as you go to Cape Sounio, the beaches are more beautiful and the waters clearer and more attractive. These areas are the places where Athenians have their summer residences. Organised beaches with vivid beach bars as well as undiscovered caves all over the coastline are the main characteristics of this area. During summer, the region is full of beach bars, taverns and clubs where you can have fun until late at night. You can go there by public road transport.

    In the Aegean Sea

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